Home Builders Staging

Home Builders Staging

What is Home Builders Staging?

Builders are taking advantage of the rebounding economy by building homes to sell, which means if you’re a builder, home builders staging in Atlanta needs to be your last step before the sale.

Those in the industry know a staged home sells faster than an empty one. The process of home builders staging in Atlanta is: a builder rents furniture to fill their completed home and hires a team to arrange it in a way that will appeal to buyers.

Atlanta Home Builders Staging

Why should I invest in Home Builders Staging in Atlanta?

Now is the time to invest in a home in Atlanta, and that means it’s time to invest in home builders staging in Atlanta.

Home builders staging is an investment in selling your home. Investing in a designer rather than home staging is risky – designers can charge 10% of the list price to decorate, which includes purchasing and installing furniture. Plus, builders pay designers up front. No matter how long the sale takes, you’re left with the furniture and the full cost.

Atlanta Home Builders Staging

Why choose Under the Willow Interiors for your Atlanta Home Builders Staging?

Don’t put any more money into your home! Skip up-front costs with designers and invest in Under the Willow Interiors home builders staging in Atlanta instead.

With us, you rent the furniture – meaning we take it back to our 3,600 square foot warehouse when you sell. And you pay the staging costs over a years’ time, not one big check today. Once you’ve built your house, it doesn’t make sense not to go with Atlanta home builders staging!

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